So I don't remember a lot about them taking me back for surgery yesterday. but I do remember waking up in recovery to a lot of pain and horrible muscles spasms in my pectoral muscles and in my back.  They gave me some meds and then I woke up in my regular room.  Oh course, as always, the anesthesia meds make me very nauseated.  I got sick right when I got to my room and then felt like I was on the edge of vomiting all day.  I was in and out of sleep or dozing off many times.  I was in no shape for a lot of visitors.  My parents said I looked pale and they could all tell that I was in serious pain.  I couldn't even think about laying back or even moving, for that matter, without the serious spasms hitting me.  I'm not going to lie, it almost brought tears to my eyes.  I feel like I'm a pretty tough girl with all the surgeries I've had in the past, but this surgery ranks up there with the hardest ones.  Needless to say, but I had a very bad day after surgery.  Chris and I tried to sleep in our hospital room but couldn't except for short periods of time between someone coming in to empty the four tubes in my or to take vitals.  At around 3 am, I got up with Chris and we walked the halls for about 10 mins so I could get out of my bed for a few minutes.  I just can't hardly get comfortable when I try to lay down.  I was glad for it to be morning time because I could finally eat something other than crackers.  Although those saltine crackers were the best I had ever tasted after I got over the nausea.  I took several more walks today around hospital to visit with friends.  They gave me the option of staying at the hospital another night but I felt like I can do what they were doing with me at my comfortable house.  Dr. Arredondo and Dr. Proffer both came by to see me this am.  Dr. Proffer told me I would follow up with him next Monday and maybe get the four drains out depending on how much they are draining still.  He also said today was a good day because the cancer cannot hurt me anymore.  Dr. Arredondo came by next, and I asked him about cancer removal details.  He said everything went good and that he didn't think the cancer had gone to my lymph nodes and that the margins appeared clear.  They won't know for sure until they run tests on the 3 lymph nodes.  Those results should be back in a few days.  The cancer itself is being sent off for ONCO testing, which will take around 2-3 wks.  I felt pretty good when I got home but my meds had definitely worn off.  Chris went to get my prescriptions and believe me I took them ASAP when they got here.  Now, I'm just winding down and very drowsy, so I think I will hit the hay.  Thanks for everyone's throughts, prayers, and concerns lately.  They help me to stay positive throughout this storm.  Also, thank you so much God for guiding the doctors during the surgery and for the wonderful nurses I had while being in the hospital.  God has continued to carry me through this process, and I know that each day will be better than the last.  God bless.  Shay
Sarah McBride
10/19/2011 22:51:10


Please email me at if you are interested in helping and I will email you the online meal schedule. You will bevable to to sign up online for days as well as see what meals have recently been provided.

Feel free to contact me at 806-676-2435 as well if you would prefer I sign you up instead or have any other questions.

Thanks again for everyone's support for Shayla and family.

Cheryl Weatherly
10/19/2011 23:40:15

Yea for you Shayla. You are one day closer to being back to your regular self. Remember the song, "One Day at a Time"? That's your new theme song. Hang in there. Love you and sending prayers your way.

Stacia Akers
10/20/2011 01:11:27

Shayla, I just heard about your story today. I am so sorry that you've had to deal with all of this, but as I read your posts, I realize how strong your faith is and how it has helped you get through everything up to this point. I will be thinking of you and your family and keeping you in my prayers as you recover from surgery and everything that comes next. (((hugs)))

Misty Watt
10/20/2011 01:48:21

I'm so proud of you!! You are such a beautiful witness for our Lor and Savior. I just found your blog and am thankful for your updates. You have continually been in my prayers. I'm sorry that I haven't called you yet, I'm truly a horrible Facebook user, lol, but I love you very much and will continue to pray for your recovery. I will text you tomorrow so that you can have my number if you need ANYTHING at all (even if you just need someone to sit with you in silence). Love you girl, Misty

Mary Kate
10/20/2011 09:11:21

Yea you!! You are putting your armour on and fighting this demon! Jay and I are lifting you in prayer continually for strength and healing and asking the Lord to wrap His arms around you when you need his comfort. God Bless you Shay

10/20/2011 09:43:40

YEAH Shay!!!! Will continue to lift up you, your precious family, friends, and doctors to the Throne of our Lord. He loves you and will carry you through the weeks ahead! I've heard it is smart to stay on top of the pain with your meds. Praying you have a restful, healing day.

The Loflins
10/20/2011 09:45:57

Shayla, so sorry that you are in pain but I'm confident that it is only a sign that you will come back stronger than ever before. God Bless you as you recover from surgery and during the rest of this battle! Love you!

10/20/2011 11:20:12

Soooo glad you are home and hopefully resting!!! Keep on keeping on!!!!! You are such a light for me and anyone else reading your blogs!!!! Hope you have a good day!!!! Love ya!!

10/20/2011 14:56:06

All of us in MO are praying for a speedy recovery for you! You have been such a strong woman. God has blessed you with faith and courage through your surgery and will continue to bless you through your healing. God's blessings to you and your family!

Tara Smith
10/20/2011 18:48:00

Shayla! It was so great to see you up and moving around yesterday before you left! I am so glad surgery went well, keeping you and your family in our prayers! :) Big hugs!!


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