So I'm sitting here in my bed at 11:15 pm, and tomorrow morning is surgery day.  Many people have asked me if I'm that scared about it being here, but the truth is that I'm really grateful that it is finally here.  I had my biopsy over a month and a half ago without anyone doing anything about my cancer except doctors appointments and planning.  I'm just really ready for it to be over and for the cancer to get out of me.  I can't say that I'm that nervous yet because I've been really busy over the last week getting insurance stuff ready, pre-admitting, having lymph node mapping (today), and getting everything around my house in order.  If you know me, you know I have a hard time sitting still.  I can always find something that needs me to mess with it.  LOL!  I think maybe that is again why God put this in my path to slow me down.  After the surgery, I think I finally will.  I plan to rest as much as I can so I can heal properly.  So the plan for in the morning is that Chris and I will arrive at the hospital at 7 am to get ready for surgery.  It is planned to start around 9:30 am or as soon as Dr. Arredondo gets to Northwest.  Dr. Proffer's office called today and said that he will be there at that time too, but his part will start around 10:30 am.  The total surgery time will be 3-4 hours, all of which Chris will spend fighting his nerves.  I ask that everyone pray for Chris and my family and friends that they will be strong and know that God has everything under control (AND I MEAN EVERYTHING).  Also, please ask that God give me overwhelming peace about the whole procedure from start to finish and that he will take care of my every need including pain control.  I KNOW that God is good at all times and that in times when we feel vulnerable and overwhelmed he picks us up and carries us through it.  If he didn't do that, how in the world could we face these very hard circumstances?  We couldn't.  I guess I'm an old pro at this surgery thing because this will be my 11th surgery.  I just hate anesthesia recovery because I tend to get nauseated, and everyone knows I would rather do anything but vomit.  Not fun at all.  Lastly, I ask prayers for Dr. Arredondo, Dr. Proffer, the nurses, and all the other medical staff that will take care of me.  I pray that they will have the knowledge and positive attitudes to encourage me along the way.  I should only be in the hospital one night if everything goes as planned, which I believe it will.  One more thing that I want to mention tonight before hitting the pillow is that we can't say thank you enough for the amazing turnout Saturday for the benefit cookout at the part.  Thank you so much to Lifestar (esp. Claudette and Becky) for all the time and efforts put into planning it and making it a hit.  Thank you to the Amarillo Fire Department and especially Tracy and Kevin McLeland for selling the fundraiser bracelets and coming out to support Chris and I.  We already feel that y'all are family to us.  Also, thank you to all our friends and family that drove from out of town and around here to come support us.  The food was amazing, and Chris and I enjoyed seeing and talking to as many of you guys as we could.  Sorry if we didn't get around to you that day.  We appreciate every dollar that was graciously donated to our family to help with the many medical costs that may come our way.  We thank God that he is taking care of us through those donations and that you all were willing to come and donate your hard earned money.  It is such a blessing to us and will continue to be in the future for our monetary needs in this.  Please know that it will be spent wisely.  Ok, so Chris will attempt to post a blog tomorrow after I get done with surgery to update you on how everything went and what the doctors say to him.  I know everyting will be great and thank you for all your thoughts and prayers today, tomorrow, and every day to come.  You all give me such strength and increase my faith through your faith in our wonderful God.  See you on the flip side.
10/18/2011 06:59:28

Our prayers continue for you and your family...for the doctors and everyone involved during your surgery today. Love you Shayla and may God continue to give you peace and comfort!

Amy Huddleston
10/18/2011 10:16:16

I read your blog this morning- it amazes me how in your time of need, you are strengthening others. Your words are truly inspirational and you are going to be so blessed. We have been praying so hard for you, your family, and all the medical staff that is taking care of you. I am praying this morning for peace, healing, and comfort for all of you. Love - Amy

10/18/2011 10:18:19

Praying for you...Please know Brenley is in GOOD hands. I love your daughter she a "DoLL" I love spending time with her. Praying for God to give you comfort today and days to come. Your faith is breath taking ~ Hang in there Sweet friend

Elisa Valverde
10/18/2011 11:22:50

You have been in my thoughts and prayers since the day my mom shared the news with me. I will continue to pray for you and your family during this time. Your faith is strong, and God will heal you! God Bless You Always~

Kyla Muns
10/18/2011 17:15:09

Just wanted you to know that I've been praying today! Wish we still lived in Amarillo and I could come see you. Praying for an easy recovery, no nausea, lots of rest, and good reports all around! Love ya. :)


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