We'll it's almost 7 am on Friday morning, and I've been up since 6 am.  Chris and I have to wake up throughout the night to empty the 4 drains and to take a mix of different meds.  I'm not going to lie, I had to break down and call Dr. Proffer's office to discuss pain management with them.  They had given me hydrocodone that I was taking every 6 hours, but the problem was that I couldn't keep my pain down at that interval.  Also, I'm taking valium for muscle spasms but I'm still getting those too.  They aren't as bad as they were before however.  I guess all that is just par for the course, but it still stinks.  They called me in a new pain med that is stronger, and it seems to be helping more.  I tried to start off in my bed last night and made it until about 2 a.m. before I moved to the couch.  Then, I was off and on sleeping the rest of the night.  You know I thought I was a tough cookie before I had this surgery, especially after having major back surgery, but this has been kicking my butt.  I'm hoping that each day will get a little better.

Yesterday Peggy Smith, nurse navigator with Harrington Cancer Center, called to tell me about pathology reports from surgery specimens.  She said that the hard lump that I had found originally was still GRADE (not stage) 3 and was about 2.7 cm.  Then, there were actually 2 non-invasive areas under this area that they removed.  They were able to get clear margins around all of the masses.  Dr. Arredondo was originally going to take 2-3 lymph nodes to test them but they decided to go ahead and take more (11 to be exact).  Out of the 11, only 2 had some micro calcifications or whatever word she used in them.  This means that it had begun to go into the lymph nodes slightly but not too far.  She still doesn't think I will need radiation though.  She hasn't sent off the cancer for that ONCO testing yet because Dr. Pruitt will be back in office on Monday.  She wants to talk with him and also coordinate with Dr. Arredondo about everything and see if we are just going to do chemo.  If that is the case, there is not need to send it off for ONCO testing because that was going to just tell us if we needed chemo or not.  I think they want to probably do chemo since it had gotten into those 2 nodes.  Anyway, I'm just glad to be cancer free at this time regardless of the brutal cost I had to go through to get there.

I took my first bath last night with very little water to wash my lower half.  Chris helped me with the upper half, and then we went to guest bathroom for me to lean over so I could wash my hair.  It felt so good to do that after not getting to for several days.  My chest area has been draining pretty good through those drains but seems to be slowing down some.  I have a lot of numb areas expecially on the left side of my chest, under my armpit (axilla for you medical people), and down the backside of my left arm to my elbow.  Peggy said some of this should come back.  I haven't been brave enough to take off the ace wraps and padding they have in place.  It makes me feel safe like having a breast shield, and it is serving as compression to the area.  I'm not going to lie about this either, but I'm not sure I want to see what is under there.  I may wait until Monday when I go to Dr. Proffer's office to see it.  I need to mentally prepare some for that still.  Anyway, thanks to everyone that came up to the hospital on Tuesday while I was in surgery.  I heard it was a very large crowd and I know that Chris and my family really appreciated it.  People have already been bringing us meals, which is such a blessing since I barely get off the couch these days,  Thank you for that.  Please call, text, or come by if you want.  I know many people said they wanted to do this but were hesitant to do so.  I don't mind company or talking to friends or family.  Hopefully today will be a better day.  God is healing me each day and continues to be the center of my thoughts and prayers since he is my strength through this.  I've enjoyed spending more time with him daily.  God bless.  Shay

There is another update below this one that I did on Wednesday if you haven't read it.
Beth Lopez
10/21/2011 08:53:56

Wow, Shay. You ARE one tough cookie. You are amazing!!!

Praying, praying, praying....

10/21/2011 10:48:03

I agree - this stinks!! So glad you called to get pain meds changed and I pray they keep you more comfortable. I know the muscle spasms must be awful on top of everything else. Praying that today is lots better than yesterday and that you will be able to get lots of "good" rest. Am anxious to hear from Dr. Pruitt and Dr. Arredondo. They sound like an awesome pair to have in your corner! Hang in there sweet girl! Will continue to lift you up.

Pamela Salas
10/21/2011 11:16:14

Good morning my friend. I'm glad to hear you are doing well. You and your family have been in my prayers. You are such an inspiration to me. I love reading your blogs. Thank you so much for sharing and keeping us up to date. If you need anything at all please let me know. You are going to get through this I know the Lord is standing by your side.

Tina Purser
10/21/2011 12:54:19

Thank you for your words about God. I needed to hear these words. Ashleigh has been keeping me updated. She and I are both pulling for you with prayers and whatever other support we can give you. Your blog will help so many others.
God Bless,

10/21/2011 13:03:21

Hey girl!!! A friend of mine(Tina P) shared your blog ---I am a 57 year old 10 year survivor!!!!! Praise God - Dr Arredondo & Dr Pruitt were my Drs - they are both wonderful. Your words are a blessing to me. If my experience can help you in any way contact me. Ashleigh W knows my numbers - you have been added to my prayer list - God bless you and stay strong!!

Linda F.
10/21/2011 13:57:52

Hi Shayla,

I'm glad all has gone well so far. You are strong and such an inspiration. We will continue to pray for you and pray that each day you feel better.


rene steelman
10/22/2011 22:52:44

You are in our thoughts & Prayers you are an amazing woman of God!!

Proverbs 18:10

The name of the LORD is a strong tower; the righteous run to it and are safe.

10/23/2011 00:10:40

.you go girl theres not anything you can't do nothing can stop a strong willed woman

Tana B.
10/23/2011 22:45:03

Shayla, So glad everything went well!! I have one of your bracelets and wear it proudly to let everyone know prayers are going up for you! Your strength is an inspiration to all! Will keep the prayers going for your recovery. God Bless! Phil 4:13

Lynn McPherson
10/24/2011 16:22:37

Hang in there, sweet girl. Lots of prayers sent your way. Lisa and I will see you with dinner this week.

Lynn McPherson
10/24/2011 16:25:01

Oops. Dinner NEXT week. :)


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