Hello to all, this is Chris, Shayla's husband.  I am writing to let you guys know that Shayla had her surgery this morning, and at this time is in a recovery room recovering from her successful surgery.  The doctor came out and let us all know that everything went very well.  The cancer has been removed, and along with a couple of lymph nodes, will be sent off for testing to determine what type of and/or if chemo is needed.  We thank you all so much for your prayers.  We have felt them throughout this process.  I know that we have a long road ahead of us, but I do feel like our prayers have been answered.  He guided the surgeons' hands this morning and will continue to guide us through the remainder of this process.  Please continue to pray for Shayla as she recovers and enters the next phase of this battle.  We praise God for each of you and know that your prayers are being heard. 

Thank you all and God Bless,

10/18/2011 15:23:50

I am so glad this part is over for Shayla!!! Thanks so much for the update, Chris!!!! I will continue to pray for you all!

10/18/2011 17:18:13

Glad to hear the news! Continued prayers are yours.

10/18/2011 18:12:19

So good to hear!! U were on all our minds today...continue prayers for you all!! Keep your faith:) lots of love

10/18/2011 19:02:32

We have been thinking and praying! So happy to hear it went good! Thanks for the update and will continue praying for you Shay!

Darcie Milsow
10/18/2011 19:41:36

Dear Shayla,
You have been heavy on my heart today. I pray for a speedy and pain free post-op for you. I pray pathology comes back with great news about your lymph nodes. I pray that you have peace that God has you in his arms and loves you more than anyone could. Get some rest and have sweet dreams.

10/18/2011 21:12:24

Thank you for the update. Shayla, you have been on my heart all day. Many prayers for peace and healing in the days to come.

Cheryl Weatherly
10/18/2011 22:01:16

Chris thanks for the update. Continued prayers coming your way.

Dawn Rakiey
10/18/2011 23:21:25

So glad that everything went well for you Shayla. You have been in my constant thoughts. I continue to pray for your recovery. You are very loved!

10/19/2011 09:23:50

Prayers have been, are being sent to the throne of God and will continue for all of you. So thankful that this phase is over and out of the way. To the next phase - comfort, strength, continued awesome attitude, TOTAL HEALING, and God's perfect peace!! Also praying you did not vomit!!!! :)

Glenda M
10/19/2011 10:46:19

Chris & Shayla,
I am so glad everything went well yesterday. I know prayers were being answered. I am hoping for a quick recovery for you. Prayers and thoughts will be coming your way.

LeeAnn Renfrow
10/19/2011 11:17:55

Hi Chris,

You don't know me but I am Cindy's friend who lives in Austin. I am so glad that everything went well with Shayla's surgery! Just wanted you both to know that I am praying for a speedy recovery for Shayla and for good news on the next phase for her. I know that God is answering your prayers!

10/19/2011 15:40:39

Thanks, Chris. So glad to hear everything went well yesterday, and I heard Shay was feeling better today. So glad to hear that!!!! Praying....

Hellen Adrian
10/19/2011 21:07:07

Woo Hoo!!! for the surgery being behind you now!! I just know God has his had on you and your family and things are going to be wonderfully blessed from here out. We will all fight the good fight! My prayers remain with you all.

10/19/2011 22:31:38

Missed seeing you today, but am so thankful for you and your family that this phase is over.. God will guide and keep you all in His loving arms as other phases are passed. Thinking of you & praying your healing goes well & the pain subsides. Much love, Glynda


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