So this week has gone by pretty fast.  Monday I got my drains pulled at Dr. Proffer's office, and I was so excited to be free of my chains and be able to shower for the first time in a month.  Yes, I took lots of long baths in the mean time.  You forget how wonderful some things in life are until you can't do them for awhile.  So I enjoyed one shower Monday night after using tegaderm to cover the holes in my sides from the drains.  This was just in time for my showering privileges to be ripped away from me after the port surgery on Tuesday with Dr. Arredondo.  Luckily, that only lasted one day, however.  The port surgery went well initially.  I actually woke up at the end of the surgery with a blue sheet over me.  I thought two things - either I died in my day surgery or I am in a nightmare situation where I woke up in my surgery and can hear the surgeon and nurses even though they don't know I'm awake.  I could feel Dr. Arredondo doing some stitches or something but luckily it just felt like tugging.  Then, Dr. A said to me, "Shayla the surgery went really smooth.  I wish they would all go this smooth".  I soon realized that they knew I was awake thank goodness and then they took that sheet off my face.  I felt really good until we were on our way home and then the meds started wearing off and my whole right shoulder began aching really bad.  Then, because of the Taco Villa finatic that I am and with how hungry I was with not eating for almost 24 hrs I braved a meal.  I should have known better because about 30 mins after eating I lost it to the toilet.  So sad for that.  Yesterday was my first chemo at Northwest.  Chris went with me.  It was suppose to last 2-3 hours, but we had a little miscommunication with the doctor's office on the orders for the meds, so this put us behind getting them from the pharmacy.  We didn't get started until around 3:45 pm and didn't get done until around 6 pm.  It went real smooth and I felt good enough to have Chris take me on a date to Chili's afterwards.  I ate something light so my stomach didn't get hit too hard, but it still didn't stop the nausea last night.  I went to bed early at 8:30 pm and was up by midnight entertaining the toilet just in case it was bored and I was going to upchuck.  I never did upchuck but had a hard time getting back to sleep because of that horrible feeling, so I broke down and took a pill that my doctor had prescribed for this.  I slept better but woke up with a little uneasy stomach that has lasted most the day.  They tell me the best thing is do drink a lot of fluids and eat good but it is hard when your stomach doesn't feel like it.  I've tried today to be good.  I went home from work around 1 pm to rest and take a nap.  It does a body good for sure.  I feel okay tonight and hope that I can sleep better tonight.  I also pray that the nausea thing is only for today and only for the 1st chemo because my body is probably in shock at this point.

You know I head something the other day.  It was really good.  You know as Christians we get asked sometimes why we believe in God.  Here is a good answer.  "I would rather believe in God and find out some day that there wasn't then to not believe and find out that there really was".  What does is hurt to have hope for a day when we don't hurt physically, emotionally, or spiritually?  I then decided that I'm going to live by my new moto - Live today like your are going to heaven tomorrow.  What would you say or do differently today if you knew you would report to your heavenly Father tomorrow.  That should be our goal.  Love y'all and hope that you are nausea-free.  Shay

Glenda May
11/18/2011 14:49:37

Shayla, once again I am now caught up. I really appreciate your posts. I sure hope that you are feeling better today. I know the chemo can be pretty rough. Thurman's sister had to go through chemo and it was pretty hard on her. But she is doing very well now. And yes, the hair does come back. Who knows, maybe it will be even better the second time around. Hang in there! You have a lot of people who love you.


11/18/2011 15:24:44

Thx for the update. I love the new motto- we should all live every day like there is no tomorrow.... You WILL make it thru this...& w/ flying colors. Remember HE is w/ you each and every step of the way. Keep on soaring aboard those eagel's wings!

11/18/2011 16:36:31

Hey YOU Beautiful YOU!! Love the pic! I am just so amazed at your courage and grace! You are an amazing young woman and I want to be just like you when I grow up! God speed at getting through this journey!!!!! I am praying for you!!!! NO MORE NAUSEA!!!!!!! ;-) Love you!

11/18/2011 18:17:35

We are to always remember He is there for us every tomorrow. Live like you will see Him tomorrow, gotta love that. Now if we can do it He will be so proud. We are proud of you and your courage is from your belief in Him. This is evident in your life and can not be denied by anyone. Prayers are offered up my friend. X0X0

11/18/2011 22:19:55

You are tougher than all this so I know you are going to come through with flying colors. God is with you so all will be well. Love you and have been thinking of you this week.

11/21/2011 09:17:05

5 days closer to the end of this for you! Praying the upchuck stuff goes away. I just hate to upchuck!! Hang in there sweet girl!!! You are loved!! We all need to live like tomorrow we will be in heaven. I like that! Continuing to pray!

Margaret Hodge
11/21/2011 12:57:37

Has the doctor prescribing the chemo given you anything for the nausea? There are several really good drugs on the market that work really well to curb the nausea and vomiting associated with chemo. Bless your heart! I will definitely keep you in my prayers.

Delorise & Gene
11/21/2011 15:44:57

Just heard from Chris that you were spending the night in the hospital. Hope you are getting over the nausea. God is in control and He loves you very much. See you soon. Love you.

The Loflins
12/2/2011 09:33:13

Love your strength, Love your Motto. Love YOU!


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