So I rode with Chris this morning to his yearly physical at Amarillo Family Physicians' office for the Fire Department at 8:15 am.  Then, I walked next door to Dr. Proffer's office for my first post-op visit with him at 9:15 am.  I'll admit I decided to break down a few days ago and take off my bandages to readjust them and do some scratching of areas that were driving me crazy.  I decided that it was better to look at the damage on my own time than to be surprised by it at the doctor's office.  I guess it was about what I had pictured in my head to be with large incisions down the middle of the chest from the sternum area towards the axilla (armpit) on each side.  They are covered in steri strips.  Dr. Proffer said that they could only put 100 cc of fluid in the expanders because my skin was really tight with just this amount.  He says it is because I'm not overweight or he could of put more.  I told him it was probably because there wasn't much skin or anything there before I had the surgery.  We had a little laugh about that.  I guess there is one plus to being small chested before the surgery because then you don't see that much of a difference after surgery.  I just keep having to tell myself that this area will look much different down the road.  He thinks in the next few weeks we can add more fluid to the expanders and continue to do so until time to replace them with implants.  They looked at the drain logs I have been keeping and decided that we could take out one from each side of my trunk.  That leaves one on each side still.  They want me to call on Thursday to report how these are doing.  If they get down below 30 mL of drainage for 24 hours, they can remove those too.  I will be glad to get rid of that baggage.  I really don't have much more news than that for today, but it was sure good to get out of the house for the first time.  Chris and I actually ran a couple of errands after the visits, and then I was pretty tired.  We headed home and watched a movie together on the couch while trying not to fall asleep.  So overall it was a good day.  I'm down to only my antibiotics and the hydrocodone pills as needed.  I'm trying not to take the pain meds too often, and I'm doing pretty good with this.  I don't like taking meds if I don't have to.  Other than spending hours on thank you cards, I continue to enjoy reading my Bible on my used Nook I bought from my friend with my birthday money.  I had downloaded the Life Application Bible like the one I have at home, which has the commentaries at the bottom, and I love it.  Sometimes the things I read I have a hard time understanding fully, so it's good to have an explanation of those.  God has really been teaching me new things in scriptures that I have read before but now have different meaning to me in my current circumstances.  I find myself trying to eliminate distractions around me like the t.v. or wondering thoughts to try to really focus on the words I'm reading.  That's hard for me because my mind seems to always be thinking about the next thing I need to do, so I'm praying for God to help me focus on the task at hand and not to worry about things to come.  I find myself enjoying each day rather than wasting my time worrying about tomorrow or the months or years to come.  We have no control over that anyway, so why concern ourselves with it.  Give it to God and let him do the worrying for us.  My advice for you today is to take time for God.  We would take time to spend with our earthly best friend if they asked, so why would we not want to devote time to our ultimate best friend - God our father.  He cares about every small detail in each of our lives and he will never turn his back on us or stop loving us.  The last thing I ask of each of you is to pray for my friend Darcie Milsow, who is bravely fighting colon cancer.  She is a precious, Christian woman with a great husband and 3 sweet children.  Some of you may know her because her family is from Canyon.  God is working in her life as well to help her win her battle with her cancer, but like me she can use all the prayers she can get.  I pray for complete healing for her and I know God can do this.  Thank you for caring for me and my family and for lifting people in need up in prayer daily.  God bless and love y'all.  Shayla
Betty Poynor
10/25/2011 08:41:49

Everytime I read your updates I cry. I am constantly amazed at how God is using you through this. You have been such an inspiration to me for daily life and I want to thank you. Your always in my prayers! You Go Girl!!!!

Juana Shelburne
10/25/2011 21:58:33

I am so proud of you and you amaze me daily. You are my inspiration. You are teaching me daily through this ordeal. I love you dearly and glad you are part of our family. Have a wonderful birthday.

10/25/2011 23:25:45

Sounds like a Blessed Happy Birthday to You is in store! So thankful for the removal of 2 tubes and praying for the removal of the last 2 tubes soon. There is no better place to be than in God's Word! Tell satan to leave you, in the Name of Jesus Christ who has already won the final war! So glad you had a good day and I pray it will be followed by many, many more!! Prayers of Healing, Peace and Comfort to you and your friend.

10/26/2011 00:38:53

I am so thankful you are doing so well after what you've been through! You have truly been an inspiration and are a strong Christian woman. Wishing you the happiest of birthdays today! We will rejoice in His glory!

Mike and Nancy Weatherley
10/26/2011 09:35:35

10/26/2011 09:38:45

So glad to read how you are steadily improving and how God is speaking to you through His Word. Our church family is praying for you, so we will update them tomorrow night. We are blessed to read how your friends have stepped up to take care of you, Chris, and all of your family. PTL for having so many thank you notes to write! We will look eagerly to every blog to read what the Lord is doing through this time in your life. Hugs!

10/26/2011 23:11:20

Darcie Milsow
10/26/2011 23:40:35

Dear Sweet Shayla,
It is good to hear you got out of the house. That is a huge step and I am so proud of you. You are so brave to look under you bandages. It is your battle scar and you are bravely and gracefully battling this nast cancer. I know it is hard to keep those thoughts out of the hamster wheel known as our brain. It will get easier. My lexapro helps me a lot. I pray for you and your family daily. You are so brave and strong. You can do this because God has you cradeled in his arms carrying you through this battle with the shields of a thousand warriors. Thank you for the sweet prayer requests for me. You always are thinking of others. :-) I can't wait to meet you! Take care sweet girl. Rest up and get stronger each day.
Love and blessings to you,

Amy Huddleston
10/27/2011 02:54:47

You continue to amaze me with your unfailing faith and encouragement! God has to be so proud of you. You are truly being a blessing to all who read your journey. I am so thankful for the removal of the tubes, and will pray for quick removal of the others. We (my family) will continue to pray for complete healing for you and now your friend. You truly are an amazing lady, and I thank you for being an encouragement, when it should be us encouraging you. Your words were exactly what I needed to hear today. God is using you in wonderful ways. I will be praying for strength, peace, and healing for you and your family.

valarie holt
10/28/2011 11:50:04

so glad to hear you are doing well. want you to know we pray for you (as well as darcie) daily. i hate cancer and God will hear our prayers.
i hear some of the nurses around the hospital asking how you are doing and what they can do for you...
we love you and are all pulling for you... love you lots....val


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