Wanted to update you on some good news today.  I finally got to talk to Dr. Neese, my primary care physician, about everything that was going on.  She immediately ordered a chest x-ray due to the breathing/swallowing difficulties I had been having.  Although, praise God for answered prayers, I have been feeling really well the past 3 days.  The chest x-ray did not show anything new and the lungs, heart, and bones all looked normal.  This also is an answered prayer.  I also saw my biopsy report for the first time and it stated that they did not find any calcifications in the 3 specimens that they did lab work on.  That sounds like good news since they had thought there were some there when they did it.  I guess calcifications can be an indication of cancer if there is no mass.  I had the two masses and suspected calcifications, but now we know that was not in the biopsies.  Dr. Neese called me back today after she got the results of the x-ray, and she states she will look at it herself on Monday just to double check everything.  I'm feeling really good today and staying positive about next weeks results.  I can feel God already working through every aspect of this situation, and I praise him for taking this load off my shoulders.  God is sooo good!  Please continue to pray for the doctors and nurses that will be taking care of us during this journey and thank God for good news for the weekend.  Love ya'll.  Shay
Mom & Dad
9/17/2011 03:31:26

Praise the LORD as I BELIEVE that he has heard all the prayers going up for you and has begun your healing! We love you soooo much!

9/17/2011 09:23:31

Please know that my family is praying for good health and comfort for you and your family. If you ever need anything at all let me know. I'm here to help you with whatever you need. God bless!

Ben Weatherly
9/17/2011 09:52:26

Great news Shayla! We are continuing to lift you up in prayer daily. We love you!

Don and Paralyn
9/17/2011 14:15:40

Please know that you have our continual prayers for a complete recovery. May God bless you and your family with a sense of peace and confidence as you make decisions regarding treatment.

Kyla Muns
9/17/2011 15:18:01

Shayla, thanks so much for creating this website so we can all stay informed. I have been thinking about you and praying for you every day! You have such a great attitude and I know that God is going to use you to help strengthen all of our faith...He already is! I'm so thankful for the positive news and will continue to pray for you to receive nothing but good reports from here on out. Love you!

Margaret Hodge
9/18/2011 10:39:04

We don't know each other all that well but since learning about your diagnosis, I have felt it deeply in my heart to pray for you. Since I am a woman who often awakens in the middle of the night, that special time is used to pray for those whom I believe God leads me to think about...
So I just want YOU to know that I will be praying for you!

Ashleigh Ringer Collins
9/18/2011 17:29:35

Shayla, I will be lifting you and your family up in prayer! I am so proud of your attitude in this situation and I hope to be an encouragement to you. God is SO GOOD and His love never fails!! Love you and your family!

Kendi Clark
9/18/2011 21:27:13

Just wanted to send a little note to tell you that we are praying for you, Chris and Brenley on a daily basis. We are praying for God's healing power to touch you, for strength and courage to face the days ahead. You know we love you very much. You are such a fun-loving, encouraging person to be with. Everybody needs to have a ribbon dancing day and a pat on the behind to encourage them on! And, You, are just the person to do it!On the days you don't feel so whoopie, then we can step up to the plate! We love you, girl!
Randy, Kendi, Trey, Derek and Dalton

9/19/2011 19:26:24

So glad you got good news...God is great..may he hold you and continue to bless you...will keep you and your family in our prayers..love ya

Amy Huddleston
9/21/2011 16:35:15

I am so glad to hear this good news! I am amazed by your strength and wonderful attitude. God truly is using you already during this difficult time. What an example you are for your precious daughter and all of the rest of us!! My family and I will continue to lift you and your family up in prayer.

Much love -

Jim Bret and Teri Campbell
9/21/2011 22:07:38

We are praying for you every day that God just completely takes care of you. Just want you to know that you have a ton of friends thinking about you and praying. Love, JB, Teri, Cash and Cooper

Jenny Joerres
9/22/2011 22:38:23

We have been praying for you daily. For your strength, for your family and for wisdom for your doctors. You are truely one to be admired for your faith and positivity! Let us know if you ever need a friendly voice or a place to stay. Big hug! Jenny and Marco

Rodney and Perri Lee
9/23/2011 19:22:41

Shayla, We have been keeping up with your progress through updates from Curtis. But, we wanted you and Chris to know that we have been in prayer for a complete and whole recovery...no more cancer! We love you and your sweet family, your parents and grandparents. Keep up with that great attitude of yours!


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